Out of The Equation

I know it is a difficult task to tell someone goodbye, but it is what my relationship has come down to. For the third time now I have caught my husband in bed with another woman, in our home. This time it was a beautiful blonde from Leeds escort agency who just happened to be my sisters best friend. The first few times it hurt me horribly, but this time I was numb to it. All I did was turn around and walk away. No words said. Today I plan to ask him to pack his belongings and leave the house. I know I will feel depressed for awhile, but making this decision will be the best one I have made in my life. It is time for me to be happy and there is no way my husband can contribute to my happiness at all. So now, he is out of the equation.

The Record Breaker

My mother and father live about 75 miles from me surrounded by nothing but lakes and great smelling fresh air. You do not see me there often during the winter months because there is not much to do and it gets really cold! I always make sure during the spring and summer that I spend most of my weekends with them. They have a boat and the kids love to be pulled around in the tube to cool off. My father and I love to fish in the early morning to see what nice prize we can pull out of the water. When I was fishing with my fuck buddy last summer, we actually caught a 32 inch large mouth bass. It is the biggest bass that has came out of that lake so far and we have it mounted on a piece of drift wood in my parents basement.

So Much In Common

I met a friendly Leicester escorts companion at a laundry mat about two years ago. We were the only two people in the building and we ended up talking to each other for awhile when we were folding laundry. It was so cool because it was like we knew each other forever and we have so much in common. We did end up exchanging phone numbers and went on our separate ways.

She called me a couple of weeks later and wanted to know if I wanted to go out for a couple of hours. We went to a popular bar down the street from my house, they have great food and decent live bands. I ordered a steak dinner and she ordered a chicken salad, they both were really good. We had a couple of drinks and headed out to the dance floor. Ever since that night, we have became very attracted to each other and see each other frequently.

The Answers No

I should no how to accept the answer no at my age, but seemingly just cannot do it. If it is a simple respectful no I can bite my tongue but if someone is being rude it is so hard to just take the answer and walk away. I was so upset the other day because I planned on getting a ride from a friend over to Derby escorts and they denied me almost instantly. It wasn’t because they already had arranged plans, it was because they didn’t agree with what I was doing. Which I think is down right ignorant. But hey what I can I do but shut my mouth right? Yea right! I ended up telling her I thought it was rude that she would not bring me because of what it is I would be doing. When you friends with someone you accept them for who they are and what they do or you just don’t be friends!

Life of an Introvert

Once in a blue moon you will catch me out of those house and out on the town searching for a local shag. The occasion is rare as I am an introvert and am not to big on hanging out in public places, or with friends in general. Sometimes though it is nice to find that one person to have fun with. One that is not afraid to come back to my house once in awhile to have some adult time. Being that I don’t have kids, it is a lot easier to do as we please and not have to worry about anyone waking up during the process. It has been months since anyone has been here so I am crossing my fingers that I can find someone who will come back and not be bothered at the fact that I do not want them at my house every waking second. I am not looking for a relationship, just a quick visit here and there.

Couldn’t believe my ears

The room was cold and quite we sat in a circle and heard each other’s stories one by one. It was my turn I cleared my voice and began…” I didn’t have anywhere else to go. No family no friends so I moved to Paris with my long distance boyfriend. And the next day he told me he worked for Mansfield escorts and he was married. I couldn’t believe my ears. Lie after lie began to unfold as I walked around his home and noticed he had a family on the way… The whole time he was talking to me he had a pregnant wife whom I thought was his sister… I immediately ran upstairs to gather my belonging to go, until I released that my passport was missing…in its place I found a picture of his pregnant wife in New York with my passport in her hand!